Humanitarian Imperialism, R2P

Resources on “Save Darfur,” the uses of women’s rights, humanitarian imperialism, the “responsibility to protect,” and the NATO war against Serbia:


NATO, Kosovo, Serbia

♦ Course Blog: Speech: Bill Clinton – “A Just and Necessary War” (1999)
♦ Course Blog: Speech: Tony Blair – “A New Generation Draws the Line” (1999)


PBS | FRONTLINE: War in Europe–NATO’s 1999 War against Serbia over Kosovo

Promotional Video for the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine

Statements on the Responsibility to Protect from U.N. Ambassadors

Michael Ignatieff on the Responsibility to Protect

Lloyd Axworthy, Former Canadian Foreign Minister,
University of San Diego, February 2005.
Speaking on the Responsibility to Protect.

Recommended: Start at 15:20