HTS, Minerva, Militarizing the Academy

Human Terrain System, Anthropology and Counterinsurgency, the Minerva Research Initiative, and the Militarization of the University:


HTS, Counterinsurgency:

  • BBC Radio 4: Anthropology at War

A conference organized by the workshop on Science, Technology, Society & the State

Audio from the 2008 conference on Anthropology and Global Counterinsurgency

  • David Price: “Soft Power, Hard Power and the Anthropological ‘Leveraging’ of Cultural ‘Assets’: Distilling the Theory, Politics and Ethics of Anthropological Counterinsurgency.”

  • Hugh Gusterson: “The Cultural Turn in the War on Terror”
  • Roberto J. Gonzalez: “‘Human Terrain’ and Indirect Rule: Theoretical, Practical, and Ethical Concerns”
  • John D. Kelly: “The Moral Economy of War: Galula Fetishism and its Consequences for Pax Americana”
  • Marshall Sahlins: Short introduction to “Destructions and Constructions of Conscience: Counterinsurgency and the Study of Culture”

(De)Militarizing the Canadian University: