Canada and Afghanistan

Canada in Afghanistan: In Other People’s Home and Native Land

Film: RETHINK AFGHANISTAN (75 minutes)

(2) Lee WINDSOR, David CHARTERS, and Brent WILSON
Kandahar Tour: The Turning Point in Canada’s Afghan Mission (Wiley, 2008) – Ch. 1, “The Road to Kandahar,” 1-29 [New Imperialism course pack on reserve]

(3) Lucia KOWALUK and Steven STAPLES, editors
Afghanistan and Canada: Is There an Alternative to War? (Black Rose Books, 2009) – “Canada’s Role in the Occupation of Afghanistan” (By Échec À La Guerre), 71-116 [New Imperialism course pack on reserve]

(4) James LAXER
Mission of Folly: Canada and Afghanistan (Between the Lines, 2008) – Ch. 8, “This War is Not About Human Rights,” 93-109 [New Imperialism course pack on reserve]

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