ALERT PRESS was created specifically for publishing titles from this seminar, and the seminar director is the person behind it. This is a fully registered publisher, listed with the National Library of Canada.

ALERT PRESS is an independent, not-for-profit, publisher of academic titles. Our primary focus is work produced by advanced student researchers and published as edited collections. The titles are available as print-on-demand and as free ebooks. All books are sold for no more than the cost of production charged by the printer, and shipping and handling on the part of the printer.

ALERT PRESS specializes in producing The New Imperialism series of volumes. The focus of the series concerns newly refashioned ideologies of empire, U.S. imperialism, soft power, military humanism, social and cultural militarization, and the recruitment of academics by the national security state.

To order books, check the website for ALERT PRESS.