Additional Resources on Afghanistan

For those who are thinking about devoting their research papers to a topic concerning the war in Afghanistan, I have added some additional resources under the session on Canada in Afghanistan. I will try to add resources for most if not all of our sessional topics, and these are being added as the course progresses. Being the first time this course is offered, the course website is still being developed week by week.

These are the resources added for the war in Afghanistan:

Anti-war Canada:

Afghanistan Elections:

Books on Canada in Afghanistan (apart from those assigned):

Documents and Papers:

Government of Canada:

Militarizing Civilian Development Aid:

NATO, UN in Afghanistan:

News sites focus on Afghanistan:

Opinion Polls: Afghanistan

Opinion Polls: Citizens in the West against the war in Afghanistan

Oxfam (UK) Reports on Afghanistan:

Provincial Reconstruction Team:

The Taliban:

Women’s rights:

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I am a professor of anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. My areas of research and teaching interest are centered in Political Anthropology, with a focus on imperialism, neoliberalism and globalization, nationalism, democracy, and the international political economy of knowledge production. My long-standing research area involves the ethnohistory of Indigenous Peoples in the Lesser Antilles, and a focus on Indigenous resurgence in Trinidad & Tobago and neighbouring nations of the Caribbean.
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  1. mnmishra says:

    Find detailed map of Afghanistan here ( ) Its cover Afghan states, cities and international boundary, nearby states.

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